Our Story

In the bustling city of Noida, Nitin found himself yearning for a space where creativity, collaboration, and community thrives. He dreamed of a place where freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses could come together, breaking the barriers of isolation and fostering a vibrant innovation ecosystem.

With this vision, he set out to create a haven for the forward-thinkers and change-makers and named his brainchild ETHEREA, symbolising out-of-the-box ideas and out-of-the-world vision that could be achieved through the synergy that emerges when diverse minds unite.

Etherea is an embodiment of the collective dreams, aspirations, and values of Nitin. The space is meticulously designed to inspire, with bright and airy interiors, thoughtfully curated artwork, and a fusion of modern and cosy elements that evokes a sense of belongingness among its members.

But what truly sets ETHEREA apart is its unwavering commitment to fostering a genuine sense of community. Nitin understands that a proper coworking space is not just about providing desks and amenities, it is about cultivating collaborations and sparking meaningful conversations. He got the best in business to believe in his vision and the team at Etherea was formed.

Regular events were planned within the space like workshops, networking sessions, industry expert talk shows, and skillsharing sessions, designed to ignite creativity and encourage members to explore new perspectives. The vibrant atmosphere hums with the energy of collaboration, as individuals from various industries come together, fueled by their shared passion

for innovation. ETHEREA has become more than just a place to work — it has become a place where dreams are realised, and lifelong friendships are formed. Team Etherea finds themselves surrounded by like-minded individuals who understand the joys and challenges of pursuing their passions. They celebrate each other's successes, provide support during difficult times, and even embark on exciting joint ventures that would have been impossible without the serendipitous connections made at Etherea.

Our Team

  • Chief Executive Officer
    Nitin GuptaFounder & C.E.O
  • Leasing Manager
    Rinku Phogat
  • Navneet Kaur
    Navneet Kaur
  • Abhishek Bhoj
  • Avkash Saini
    Avkash Saini
  • Nidhi Dokaniya
    Nidhi Dokaniya
  • Manorma Rao
    Manorma Rao
  • Krishna singh
    Krishna singh

Why Etherea?

24/7 Operational

Embrace the freedom of round-the-clock productivity in our 24/7 operational coworking space. Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, our workspace is always ready to accommodate your work needs, providing uninterrupted access, amenities, and a vibrant community at any hour of the day.

Skyline View

Experience the awe-inspiring Noida city skyline from our coworking space, where work meets panoramic beauty. Immerse yourself in natural light, inspiring vistas, and the energy of a thriving metropolis, all while fostering creativity and productivity in a space designed for success and breathtaking views.

Technology Enabled

Step into a technology-enabled coworking space where innovation meets collaboration. Harness the power of cutting-edge infrastructure, high-speed internet, and advanced amenities that seamlessly integrate with your digital workflow. Embrace a future-forward workspace designed to enhance productivity, connectivity, and the limitless possibilities of technology

Corporate Tie-Ups

Unlock a realm of exclusive benefits through Etherea's extensive corporate tie-ups. Enjoy access to special discounts, perks, and collaborations with renowned brands, service providers, and industry leaders. Elevate your professional journey with a network of valuable partnerships, tailored to enhance your growth and success within our vibrant coworking community in Noida.

EV Charging Points (Coming Soon!)

Embrace sustainability and convenience at our coworking space, offering EV charging points for eco-conscious professionals. Power up your electric vehicle hassle-free, ensuring you're always ready to hit the road while reducing your carbon footprint. Experience a workspace that supports green initiatives and promotes a greener future.

Dedicated Events Area

Elevate your events with our premier event spaces, available for booking within our vibrant coworking community. From corporate to social gatherings, our versatile and well-equipped venue sets the stage for success. Experience seamless event planning, exclusive amenities, and a dynamic atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression.

Ample Car Parking

Enjoy the convenience of abundant car park availability at our coworking space. With our dedicated parking facilities, you can easily access your workspace without the hassle of searching a parking place. Whether you're a commuter or prefer the flexibility of driving, we provide a stress-free parking solution for your convenience.

High Speed Internet

Experience peace of mind with our robust and High Speed Internet connection. Safeguard your data and communications with our advanced network infrastructure, ensuring a secure and reliable online experience. Focus on your work without worrying about cybersecurity, knowing that your connection at our coworking space is protected by cutting-edge measures.

Inspiring Lounges

Unwind and ignite your creativity in our captivating lounges within our vibrant coworking space. Designed for relaxation and inspiration, our inviting lounges offer a stylish and comfortable environment. Immerse yourself in a dynamic atmosphere, connect with fellow professionals, and find inspiration in every corner, all while enjoying premium amenities.

Business Support Services

Elevate your business with our comprehensive range of support services in our dynamic coworking space. From administrative assistance to front desk services, we provide the essential resources to help your business thrive. Focus on your core activities while we handle the rest, ensuring seamless operations while unlocking your full potential.

Metro Accessibility

Discover a conveniently located coworking space just steps away from the Noida Sector 137 metro station*, offering seamless accessibility for your work-life balance. *7 minutes walking distance & 3 minutes by vehicle.

Connectivity to Noida Expressway

Experience a workspace that is effortlessly accessible via Noida expressway, making your daily commute a breeze.

Residential Neighbourhood

Find your ideal workspace in the heart of a residential neighbourhood, where work and home effortlessly converge for ultimate convenience.

Access to Retail Hub

Discover the perfect coworking space located in the bustling vicinity of a vibrant retail hub, blending work and leisure seamlessly.

Our Values

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